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Ring! Ring! Got Answers?
Nearly every one of us on the road today has a cell phone. But there are still some states that have different rules or regulations regarding the use of these devices by CDL holders. So we went to the FMCSA site itself … Continue Reading »  more

The Trucker Zone – Up the Hill by Timothy D. Brady
  There’s nothing wrong with your computer… We are controlling transmission. For the next few minutes, sit quietly and we will control all that you read. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe … Continue Reading »  more

Driver’s Survival Kit
While no one wants to think about a disaster occurring, it’s a good idea to have a survival kit aboard your truck in case of need. This ‘bare bones’ kit can be stored in the belly box underneath your trailer if you’re … Continue Reading »  more

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Timothy Brady, as a speaker and business coach, provides training and educational presentations for small to large trucking companies, logistics organizations and community groups. He’s the business editor for American Trucker Magazine and the “Answer Guy” for trucking education website

Brady is inspirational, motivating, and empowering in his presentations. An expert in crafting solutions to industry challenges after 25 years in trucking, Brady’s held positions from company driver to owner/operator to small trucking business owner. Along with sales and business management, he has a well-rounded wealth of experience and knowledge. Add his passion for teaching and his desire to help others in the trucking industry, and the package Brady presents is unbeatable.

You can engage him as a Speaker or as a Business Coach.

See what others have experienced and the help they received Client Testimonials A business education and information website for Owner Operators and Small Motor Carriers- This site contains information that will make your operation more efficient & profitable.

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