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Legal or not, marijuana is still a drag for truckers
An unprecedented shift is taking place around marijuana, with four states and the District of Columbia now allowing recreational use of the drug by adults 21 and older. What does this mean for truck operators and for fleets, which already face big challenges recruiting and retaining drivers — the same drivers who must follow federal law?

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Dueling videos: Obama, Jon Stewart on the highway funding
Let's compare President Obama's gentle chiding of Congress to The Daily Show's analysis of the highway funding problem.

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Diesel drops another nickel, falls below $2.70 to six-year low
For the 10th week in a row, diesel prices across the U.S have slipped—holding at levels last seen six years ago, according to data tracked by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

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Timothy Brady, as an author, columnist, speaker and business coach provides information, training and educational presentations for small to large trucking companies, logistics organizations and community groups. He’s the business editor for American Trucker Magazine, the “Answer Guy” for trucking education website, an author and business editor for Write Up The Road Publishing & Media and freelance journalist for multiple print and on line publications.

As a speaker Brady is inspirational, motivating, and empowering in his presentations. An expert in crafting solutions to industry challenges after 25 years in trucking, Brady’s held positions from company driver to owner/operator to small trucking business owner. Along with sales and business management, he has a well-rounded wealth of experience and knowledge. Add his passion for teaching and his desire to help others, and the package Brady presents is unbeatable.

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